For electric car owners, it’s essential to have a reliable charging system. Finding the right charging station can be a hassle sometimes. Still, luckily some great apps can help make finding and using chargers easier.

The emergence of apps for charging electric cars is a revolutionary development for the electric vehicle industry. These apps allow electric car owners to quickly and easily locate charging stations nearby, check the availability of charging ports and even pay for their charging session with their phone. With the help of these apps, electric car owners can plan their trips ahead of time and ensure that their cars are always charged up and ready to go. This makes electric car ownership more convenient and cost-effective, furthering the growth of the electric vehicle industry.

Here are the top three apps you should try if you want to charge your electric cars quickly and efficiently.

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The Top 3 Apps


The PlugShare app is one of the most popular choices for finding chargers near you, including an app for car charging stations. It has an extensive map of charging locations worldwide and detailed information about each. You can look up user reviews, payment options, power levels, and more before deciding which charger to use.

Plus, PlugShare offers several other features like notifications when new chargers are available nearby and an integrated trip planner to help you plan your route in advance.

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ChargePoint is another great app for finding electric vehicle charging stations. It has a comprehensive network of chargers across North America and Europe, with more than 100,000 total charging stations.

The app also includes helpful features like real-time updates on charger availability and detailed instructions on starting a charge session at each electric car charging point. With ChargePoint, you can set up reminders so that you never forget to plug in your car when it needs a charge!

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EVGo is the perfect choice if you want access to fast-charging networks around the country. The app lets you easily locate Chargers near you and then pay for them directly from within the app itself (no need to worry about cash or cards).

EVGo also provides helpful tools such as estimated arrival times at each station so that you know exactly how long it will take until your car is fully charged again!

Electric car charging stations can be hard to come by, but with the right app, you can easily find one. This app helps you to quickly identify nearby charging stations, as well as providing helpful information on the type of charger and charging time. With this app, you can save time and energy searching for the right charging station and make sure you get the most out of your electric car.

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Charging your electric vehicle doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With these top three apps for electric vehicle charging—PlugShare, ChargePoint, EVGo, and the app for charging electric cars—you can easily find nearby charging stations and get back on the road faster than ever! Whether you’re looking for fast or slow chargers or just want an easy way to keep track of where your car’s been charged lately, these apps have everything covered. So give them a try today and see what they can do for your driving experience!

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is there an app to find electric car charging stations

PlugShare revolutionizes the way drivers charge their electric vehicles with support for all major models, ranging from Tesla’s Model X and Y to Ford Mustang Mach-E and Chevrolet Bolt. Even upcoming EVs like Volkswagen’s ID.4 can be managed seamlessly!

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Charging your electric car has never been easier – all you need is the right cable and possibly a phone app. You can even plug it in without an app in some cases, making sure that charging up will always be stress-free.

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Are you looking for a convenient way to power up your electric car? Look no further our blog offers the right app, charging is easy and quick.

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